Unworthy is a global collective of individuals and services that share knowledge, resources, and support with the aim of building sustainable, independent online services & resources.

We help provide free-speech services and resources to communities that don't have access to it. Accessible, efficient, secure, and privacy is at our core.

Building on the basis of autonomy, mutual aid, resource sharing, participatory knowledge, social advocacy, anti-oppression work, community creation, and secure communication, Unworthy promotes social ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology, and the means of communication.

Unworthy believes in empowering people to take control of their futures through privacy, free-speech and autonomy.


Unworthy hosts a number of free speech, hosting, and cryptocurrency services. If you would like to report abuse, feel free to email us at

abuse (a) unworthy.net

General questions can go to

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Unworthy /ən'wɜrði/

: not worthy; lacking worth or excellence.

: beneath the dignity

: of a kind not worthy

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